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Welcome to Learning about
Money and Budgeting

This mini-class will teach you some basics about money. We will look at banking, writing checks, using a credit card, saving, and spending.

What is money? Click to find out.

But money doesn't just appear like magic. And most of us can't just buy whatever we want.

There is a lot to know about how to get money and spend it wisely. Because money can be important in life, you should know how to keep track of it. You will find that some things in life that you want will cost more than the money you have.

Maybe you want new shoes, or a new phone. But what you want costs more than the money you have.

If you need money for things, what should you do? Click to find out.

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A Quick Look at Coins

Click for a coin match exercise.

Can you name each paper bill?


Tell me.


Tell me.


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