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Alice Doyel on Job Accommodations for Self-Employed People

Job accommodations are usually for one job and pretty much set in a specific period of time. When you own a business, you have to think of everything long-term. You have to think about making money and not getting too overloaded with expenses in the short-term. But you've got to think about how things will work in the long term. And I think that was the most significant difference I found in providing accommodations when you are self-employed because you can look athaving resources that help your entire business.

Now I have an employee who works two days a week for me that helps me with different things that affect my disability issues.

But she also has other fantastic skills - she may drive me, she may help me with accounting, filing things that are difficult for me.
she also is an asset to the business, and if fact, is so good at certain business operation issues that I can use her as a consultant in my business, and bill out her time to clients, so that she is bringing in money as well.

That is another example of how when you hire someone, you want to hire them so that they fit the entire business.