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Self-Employment for Young People with Disabilities

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The University of Montana Research and Training Center on Rural Issues for People with Disabilities has documented that entrepreneurs with disabilities have successfully operated a wide variety of businesses: Accounting Services, Air Conditioner Repair Service, Auction Service, Auto Body Repair Shop, Bakery, Bicycle Shop, Boat Making Shop, Child Care Service, Chiropractic Practice, Contract Services, Counseling Service, Farming, Janitorial/Maintenance Service, Piano Refinishing Service, Real Estate Office, Restaurant, Free-lance Writing, Used Clothing Store, Weed Abatement Service and Welding Shop.

Starting Your Own Business

The type of business that a person with a disability can operate is limited only by imagination.

Thousands of people with disabilities have been successful as small business owners. People with disabilities have a higher rate of self-employment and small business experience (12%) than people without disabilities (8%). The Disabled Businessman’s Association estimates that 40% of home-based businesses are operated by people with disabilities.


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