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How can my son or daughter start a small business?

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Myths and Realities on Self-Employment

Individuals who experience disabilities may often fare better with a self-employment arrangement if they have recurrent illness problems, transportation issues, or difficulty with supervisory interactions and/or
working a particular time of the day. Self-employment, particularly home-based micro-enterprises, offers more flexibility and autonomy.

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bullet Entrepreneurs Must Demonstrate Specific Characteristics

bullet Self-Employment is Very Risky - Most Small Businesses Fail within the First Year. answer
bullet Self-Employment is Very Isolating answer
bullet Persons With Disabilities Will Lose Social Security Benefits if their Business Succeeds answer

Accommodations & Self Employment
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Self Employment: A Real Option!

Youth with disabilities continue to have few opportunities for jobs. And rural regions of Florida
consistently experience much higher unemployment
rates than larger cities.

Self-employment, on other hand, continues to show
rapid growth across the United States. Over the past ten years, small business created more jobs in the United States than all the Fortune 500 companies combined.

Current estimates are that 20 million Americans own
home-base businesses. The self-employment rate is
growing at 20% annually even in this period of slow
job growth.

Self-employment can be a great employment choice for graduating youth with disabilities.


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Based on a publication from The Center for Human Development, a program of the University of Alaska Anchorage, College of Health and Social Welfare, a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service (UCEDD).

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