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Questions for Planning

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1. Does the student currently receive Supplemental Security Income? (SSI)___________________

2. If the student does receive SSI, is it below the annual Federal Benefit Rate? ________________

If so, the student may be eligible for a PASS plan now.

3. If the student is under 18, was the family denied SSI upon application due to excess resources or income? ________________

If so, students may be eligible for SSI and a PASS plan simultaneously if some of the excess income or resources is sheltered in a PASS Plan.

4. Does the student or family receive more than one check from Social Security or another benefit monthly? _________

5. If yes, is one of the checks:
____ A survivor’s benefit check?
____ A disability insurance check (SSDI)?
____ An adoption subsidy?
____ Veterans check?
____ A retirement benefits check? _____________________

If so, the student may be eligible for a PASS plan now.

If a student is currently receiving SSI and one of the following events occur, there may be eligibility for a PASS Plan at that time:
• A parent retires and begins receiving Social Security Retirement benefits,VA benefits, Railroad Retirement, or Black Lung benefits,
• A parent dies,
• A parent begins receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), or
• The student graduates, is working and earning over $85/month, thereby reducingthe SSI check.

Any of these situations would result in the student having resources or income that reduces their SSI check, thereby making them good candidates for a PASS plan.

If the student is under the age of 18, their eligibility for SSI will be re-determined when they turn 18. At that point, the student’s disability will be reevaluated, and only their income and resources will be looked at. Students who were previously denied SSI due to excess parent income and resources may now be eligible since only the student’s income and resources will be counted. Learn more about this on page 3.


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