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How can my son or daughter work without losing health insurance?

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SSI Continued Medicaid Coverage

The 1619(a) work incentive allows you to have earned income over the Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) amount without losing your continuing eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Under Section 1619B, individuals earning less than the the Florida threshold who
1) used Medicaid during the past 12 months;
2) expects to use Medicaid in the next 12 months;
3) would be unable to pay expected medical bills without Medicaid coverage may continue to be eligible for Medicaid The Threshold amount may be adjusted upwards depending on the individual situation. SSA should be consulted.

SSDI Continued Medicare Benefits

Most individuals with disabilities who work will continue to receive at least 93 consecutive months of hospital and supplementary medical insurance under Medicare, after a nine month Trial Work Period. You do not pay a premium for hospital insurance.

Some individuals who have returned to work may buy continued Medicare coverage, as long as they remain medically disabled.

1619(b) - To learn more, click on "text" below.


Florida Work Incentive Medicaid Coverage

The Medicaid Buy-In program offers Medicaid coverage to people with disabilities who are working, and earning more than the allowable limits for regular Medicaid, the opportunity to retain their health care coverage through Medicaid.

This program allows working people with disabilities to earn more income without the risk of losing vital health care coverage by paying a portion of the premium of their Medicaid.

39 states have implemented this program, but Florida has not yet set up this great program. If and when it does, we will post the news and updates on this page.



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