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Transition in Florida
Defining transition and what is required.

Supporting Self Determination
Students taking charge of their future.

Self Employment
Help graduates start their own business.

Student options for further education.


DOE BEESS FL Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services, Dept. of Education flapse FL Assoc. for Persons in Supported Employment

FLDDC FL Developmental Disabilities Council Project 10 Project 10: Transition Education Network
APD FL Agency for Persons with Disabilities able trust The Able Trust
DVR FL Vocational Rehabilitation Services Florida Partners in Transition Florida Partners in Transition
FLDDC FL Health Care Transition got transition got Transition (Healthcare)

NATIONAL RESOURCES ON TRANSITION Discover available transition resources .

SUCCESS STORIES Review examples of successful transition.

ESE Personnel Development

Register for a 3-hour module on Florida’s high school graduation requirements and options, with emphasis on options for students with disabilities.

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